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Our History

Borsato Profili is proud to celebrate its first 56 years of business in the new plant of Maerne di Martellago (Italy).

The new structure has made possible important technological developments over these years, in the sector of thermoplastic profiles extrusion.

That is because our operating structures, our systems, our machinery and our equipments are the maximum in technology and high performance currently available on the market.

The idea and the project

  • We take the customer simple idea of the profile he has in mind, he talk us about of criticism, technical characteristics, mechanical, aesthetic and application envisaged.

  • Our technical department is dedicate to design one or more profiles solutions to be submitted to the customer.


We can guide our clients through every step of the process of study, design and equipment for production (dies and calibrators), construction of the equipment, its use on our production lines and finishing of the product with additional processing (application of film, punching, shearing, welding, etc).

Forniture’s Area

Finished profiles for application on forniture and Co-extruded profiles.

Refrigeration’s Area

Extruded profiles in non-toxic thermoplastic materials compatible with foods.

Shower Box

Profiles for application in the hydro-sanitary sector for specific use in shower box.

Lighting Solutions

Technical profiles for application in the screening and protection lighting system.

Interior Design and Retail Chains

Furnitures for stores and retail chains like price holders.

Gasket for wood

Complete range of profiles and gaskets for application on wood doors and doorways.

Only extruded profiles of the highest quality

We use the last generation of machinery and equipment to have the capability to process different types of material


Million Meters

Profiles delivered annually in Italy
and the rest of Europe.


Lines of high productivity

Our company is spread over 7.000 sq.m. and has innovative extrusion machinery.


This is the most widely used procedure for transforming plastic materials at the present time, though it is not the only one, for production of continuous products

The choice of raw material

Choosing the best plastic raw materials for extrusion is crucial to ensure the quality and performance of the final product.

  • Only raw materials of the highest quality, tested in our internal laboratory, are used to ensure that our products are durable, reliable, and of exceptional quality, providing the best possible value to our customers.

The extrusion

The plastic raw material into an extruder machine is melted and homogenized using heat and pressure. The molten plastic is then pushed through an extrusion head which gives it the desired shape.

  • This is the most widely used procedure for transforming plastic materials at the present time, though it is not the only one, for production of continuous products like pipes, profiles (the window-frame sector is an important application), thin film, coatings, cables and wires, etc..

The finished product

After which it is cooled and cut to the desired length. The plastic extrusion process is widely used for the production of plastic pipes, profiles, films and sheets.

  • The die goes to being tested, we take care of any adjustments required and we start production for the extrusion of the first sample.

Enjoy the process

These are the 5 stages of the process for creating a custom product for every business

Solving the industries biggest problems

We create high-quality plastic extruded products for companies in various industries, tailored to their specific needs and requirements.

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